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Most people can put some paint on a brush or roller and push it around; Most can cover a wall up with the stuff, and that might make them painters, but they’re not artists.

Most of us can draw a stick man, but it takes an artist to make a portrait come to life, jump on up off of the canvas and breathe, look at us, look through us.  Likewise with writing.  Most of us can read and write, but only a precious few are the artisans called Wordsmiths.

We carefully select each word, every sentence and paragraph, gathering them together in just the right way and order, so that our words paint pictures in the reader’s mind.  With our talent and craft, we can convey an image, an emotion, or motivate the reader to act.  THAT is why you need a wordsmith.

When your profits are on the line, which of these two do you want to represent you?

Two images of people, one a stick man, the other a well-painted lifelike portrait.

At SpectreWriter, we’ll take your stickman on the left, and provide you with the portrait on the right.

Editors Forest Grove

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